Abscess: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Abscess – an inflammatory disease of the rectum, where the infection is embedded in the fabric pararectal fat . There is an abscess, which can spontaneously opened in the intestinal lumen or outside. In most cases, such a surgically opened abscess , but in its place the fistula remains . Sometimes there are relapses . Continue reading

Spring allergies

Most of us are waiting for the arrival of spring look . But for some , this joy literally ” with tears in his eyes.” The fact is that with the advent of spring begin to “come alive ” green spaces. As air rises pollen . And allergies start on hard times. Allergies – the body ‘s overreaction In the body, there is a special ” anti-terrorist units ,” which is designed to protect the body from getting all sorts of alien organisms and substances – the immune system . Continue reading

Features of human adaptation to old age

According to UN projections , by 2050 the number of people in the world , celebrated the 60th anniversary exceeds the number of children and adolescents under 15 years old . This trend requires the company to seek new approaches to health care , social security, conditions of life for generations . But in addition , it challenges the very elderly. They need to adapt to the changes that occur in the body with age, the new social role. Indeed, the aging of the deteriorating health, often reduced mental capacity , it becomes necessary to stop or limit the types of usual activities . Continue reading

symptoms of prostatitis

Prostatitis – an inflammation of the prostate gland , which may be accompanied by painful manifestations characteristic swell or asymptomatic ( asymptomatic prostatitis) . According to medical statistics , prostate is the most common urological disease in men younger than 50 years. In elderly patients, the detection rate of prostate slightly inferior detection rate of adenoma and prostate cancer .

In most cases the trigger in the development of prostatitis is a bacterial infection . The probability of developing the disease sufficiently independent of predisposing factors : hypothermia , reduction of immune properties of the organism , hormonal disorders , congestion in the pelvic organs , and others. Continue reading

Allergies can be confused with the common cold

The man who had not faced with symptoms of spring allergies and feel them myself for the first time , can be mistaken for the common cold and allergy treatment does not start from that. This can harm the body and strengthen during an allergic reaction. Therefore it is important to understand exactly that for the symptoms you develop and how they are caused .

There are several differences between a cold from allergies : Continue reading

Liver tumors: causes, symptoms, treatment

Alas, the ” good” here is much rarer than “evil.” This is explained by the fact that the “catch” a benign tumor , it is usually possible only by chance – the process develops gradually and for the time being asymptomatic. Much more frequently diagnosed malignancy in this case for the correct treatment strategy , it is important to determine the type of cancer : primary or secondary .

Primary liver cancer is relatively rare , in this case, the process develops in the cells of the body directly . Continue reading